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Ajantha Bread Board New advance Projects

RGB Bulb


All the colors can be made from Red, Green and Blue color (RGB), these are the basic three colors from which we can generate any color. By varying the amount of these three colors, many colors can be generated. In case of light, we can produce any color of Light by using the three basic lights i.e. Red, Green & Blue and varying the intensity of these three....

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555 Timer Bistable Multivibrator Circuit


Bistable Multivibrator mode of 555 timer IC is the easiest mode of 555 timer IC, where Monostable multibrator mode has one stable & one unstable state, Astable multvibrator mode has both the unstable states, here in Bistable mode, both the states are stable. Means it remains in the same state (either HIGH or LOW) until an external trigger is applied; otherwise....

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Small Loudspeaker for Computer or Cell Phone


Small Loudspeaker is a fun project to do, you can connect it to your Cellphone or Laptop through a 3.5mm audio jack and can enjoy your own loudspeaker. You can also connect it to any device which has a 3.5 mm audio output, like TV, music player, video games etc......

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2 Digit Object/Product Counter


Object counters or product counters are important applications used in industries, shopping malls, etc. They count objects or products automatically and so reduce human efforts. In this tutorial we are going to design a simple object counter circuit without using any microcontroller.......

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Digital Stopwatch

Arduino Based Distance Measurement using Ultrasonic Sensor

Often we need stopwatch to differentiate the time of two events. Here in this tutorial we are going to design a simple digital stopwatch circuit, without using any microcontroller.......

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Schmitt Trigger Gate


Schmitt Trigger gate is a digital logic gate, designed for arithmetic and logical operations. It provides OUTPUT based on INPUT voltage level. A Schmitt Trigger has a THERSHOLD.....

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DC Motor Control using Arduino-in-chennai

XNOR or EX-NOR gate is a digital logic gate, designed for arithmetic and logical operations. Here we are going to use 74LS86 chip for demonstration, this chip has 4 EX-OR gates in it. These four gate are connected internally as shown in below figure.......

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Binary Counter Circuit

7 Segment Display Interfacing with Arduino-in-chennai

A binary counter is a chip designed to count the number of pulses or events that occur in digital circuits. These chips memorize the events and show the count of events at output port. The chip memorizes the event........

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Dark Detecting LED

How to Use ADC in Arduino Uno?-in-chennai

Here we have explained a dark detector circuit by using 555 timer IC and a LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) which senses the light in surroundings and if it does not find the light,........

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Touch Switch

LPG Leakage Detector using Arduino-in-chennai

While LPG is an essential need of every household, its leakage could lead to a disaster. To alert on LPG leakage and prevent any mishappening there are various products to detect the leakage. Here we have developed an Arduino based LPG gas detector alarm. If gas leakage occurs, this system detects it and makes an alert by buzing the buzzer attached with the circuit.........

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