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Cables and Convertors

We are engaged in providing a comprehensive range of Cables and Converters which is procured from the trusted vendors. These product-line is widely appreciated for its efficiency in performance, easy installation, low maintenance and dimensional accuracy. Our products are availed at market leading prices and are manufactured as per the international standards.

Cables and Convertors

USB MiniB Cable


We are engaged in providing a USB MiniB Cable having a USB type A to mini B 5-pin. It is a very common A to mini-B type connector which is commonly found with USB Hubs, Cameras, MP3 players, etc. these are provided in both White and Black colors which may vary as per the rotation of the stock.


  • 5-Pin (One ID Pin), 0.8mm Pitch, Super Mini Connector
  • Three Versions (Mini-A, Mini-B, Mini-C) To Meet Future Industry Requirements
  • Fully Compliant With Current USB Specifications
  • Smaller And Lighter Than Existing USB Connectors For Portable And Hand-Held Devices
  • Higher Speed Requirements Of USB 2.0alpina.org.

UART To Wi Fi Module


We are one of the leading providers of USB Cable A to B having a Standard of USB 2.0 cables. The USB cable provided by our organization is the most commonly used A to B Male/Male type peripheral cable which can be provided in both White or Black color and may vary as our stock rotates.

Some of the combinations mentioned below:

  • USB Series A plug to Micro USB
  • USB Series A plug to Mini USB A type Male
  • USB Series A plug to Mini USB B type male
  • USB series A plug to series B plug
  • USB series A plug on both side
  • USB series A plug to 5P housing
  • USB receptacle on bracket

Parallel Port Cable M/F

We are the pioneered suppliers and traders of Parallel Port Cable M/F extension cable. This cable is used to interface any computer with a standard Parallel (Printer) port with any of our boards or programmers.

CNCT INC has Parallel Cables in both Pre-Assembled and Custom Assembled lengths of up to 30m.


  • Male to Female
  • Wired straight through
  • Parallel Printer Cable
  • Parallel Printer Cable with 36 Pin HI-Port
  • Parallel Scanner Cable
  • Parallel Port Header cable

Serial Cable M/F

We are engaged in supplying and trading a Serial Cable M/F which can be connected to any development board. These can be used to interface any of the computers with a standardized Serial port RS232 for any of the clients boards. The color and shape of the cable may vary as the stock rotates.


  • Male to Female
  • Wired straight through
  • 1.5 Meters in length

USB To Serial Convertor

This is a simple to use USB to Serial Converter. It outputs RS232 level signals on the TX and the RX line. Unlike the cheap converters available in the market, which rarely work, if at all, this converter is highly reliable and can be used on all major operating systems, computers and laptops. This converter is USB powered and needs no external power. It can provide the USB port's 5V power supply to an external circuit.You can also get TTL level RX and TX signals from the header pins on the board. The board has standard 3 mm mounting holes for easy mounting.

When connected to USB port this converter sets up a virtual serial port which can be used and interfaced just like any normal serial port. You can use this board with all our development boards to do serial communication through USB. You can also program our development boards, which support serial bootloading, through USB using this converter. This USB to Serial converter uses the popular CP2102 IC from Silicon Labs for the USB conversion. This board can be used on all major operating systems.