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Freeduino Board

We are engaged in providing a diverse range of Freeduino Boards. These products provided by our organization are Freeduino Boardghly cost effective. These are a simple development board which is easy to use and is used for writing, programming and uploading codes. The products offered by our organization includes Freeduino USB With At-mega Eight and Freeduino USB With At-mega Three Twenty Eight from Mumbai.

Freeduino Board

Freeduino USB With Atmega Eight


The pickit 2 is a low-cost in-circuit debugger (ICD) and in-circuit serial programmer(ICSP). Pickit 2 is intended to be used as an evaluation, debugging and programming aidIn a laboratory environment.

The Pickit 2 offers these features:

  • Real-time
  • single-step code execution

Breakpoints, Register and Variable Watch/Modify

  • In-circuit debugging
  • Target Vdd monitor
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • MPLAB IDE user interface
  • USB interface to a host PC / USB POWERED
  • 40 Pin Target Board With FRC Cbale
  • ICSP FRC connecter Easy to interface to all our NSK boards

The Pickit 2 allows you to:

  • Debug your source code in your own application
  • Debug your hardware in real-time
  • Program a supported device using Microchip’s ICSP protocol through FRC cable supplied with this kit

Package Content

  • Pickit2 Programmer
  • Programming Adapter Board
  • USB Port Cable
  • Software CD ( ,Data sheets,Example Porograms,Manual , MPLAB IDE)

Freeduino USB With Atmega Three Twenty Eight


We are one of the leading suppliers and traders of Freeduino USB With At-mega Eight engaged in providing a qualitative range of products. Our range of product-line is an open source embedded development platform which includes a simple development board and is used easily for writing, programming and uploading codes. Freeduino usb is a very compatible board which is designed to be a cost effective alternative for the official arduino board and is highly compatible with arduino compatible shields, tools and the arduino ide which can be used anywhere. It is an open source development platform, which means that all the designed files are available free of cost which includes the board schematics, PCB files, codes, etc in their projects used for making transformations as per the requirement of the applications.

It ensures that the client will receive an excellent technical help and assistance reducing the clients development time and enhances the learning experience.It also has a modularity approach having a wide range of add on boards, called shields, which is pluged onto an arduino and is helpful in achieving specific purpose, greatly simplifying the whole development process. These can be programmed directly through a Usb connection to a PC with the help of arduino ide and is a simple and easy to use program used for writing, compiling and uploading codes. It offers on-board 5v and 3v3 voltage regulators providing an empty slot next to each Io and power pin header for easy expansion. These usb boards comes with an atmega8.

Features :

  • The board is built on a high quality fr-4(1. 6 mm) double sided pcb with a green solder mask and a clear and legible legend
  • Great platform to learn embedded programming
  • Compatible with all arduino compatible shields and the arduino ide
  • Comes with an atmega8 with a pre burnt arduino boot loader
  • It has a standard 6x1 avr isp header
  • All i/o pins connected by a female header, perfect for prototyping
  • It completely open source, which means all circuits, board files, softwares, code, etc are available for free
  • These comes with a product CD containing all required manuals, circuits, softwares and drivers

Mega2560 Freeduino


Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Arduino can sense the environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors and can affect its surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and other actuators. The microcontroller on the board is programmed using the Arduino programming language (based on Wiring) and the Arduino development environment (based on Processing). Arduino projects can be stand-alone or they can communicate with software running on a computer (e.g. Flash, Processing, MaxMSP).

Feature Micro-controller Operating Voltage Input Voltage (recom) Input Voltage (max) Digital I/O Pins Analog I/O Pins DC current per I/O pins DC Current for 3.3V Pin Flash Memory SRAMEEPROM Clock Speed Specifications AT mega 25605V7-12V6-20V54 (of which 6 provide PWM output) 1640 mA50 mA256 KB of which 8KB used by boot loader 8 KB4 KB16 Mhz