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This is a programmer for 89 series microcontroller devices in 20 & 40 pin packages and supports various 8 pin serial EEPROM ICs. ZIF socket enables easy insertion and removal of devices for programming. Programming is very fast since it is USB based.No external power required since it is powered from USB port itself.




• Supports 89 series & serial EEPROM devices
• Powered from USB port (No external power required)
• High speed writing (8kb flash file in 10 seconds)
• Auto Identify connected programmer
• Error checking and verification in-built
• Lock of programs in chip supported to prevent program copying
• 40 pin ZIF socket for easy insertion & removal
• Auto Erase/Lock/Verify
• Informative window and access to latest programmed file
• Simple and Easy to use



It functions like a bridge between the hosts, which provides the new programming data, and the target MCU, which has the loader program running inside. The loader program is the so-called “ISP-code” and should be pre-programmed in the ISP-memory of the target. When powered on, the target boots from the ISP-memory and executes the ISP-code to check if the ISP operation is requested. If the ISP is requested, the target receives the programming data from the Programmer and programs into the AP-memory by in-system programming method.

After ISP processing is completed, the target will re-boot from the AP-memory to run the new
application code when the Programmer is plugged out of the target; if the ISP is not requested,
the target will directly re-boot from the AP-memory for normal running of the application
It provides all the programming functions which a universal programmer can support, such as:
(1)Erase the device,
(2)Program the device,
(3)Verify the device, and
(4)Program all the device H/W options, including the security bits.